Compass Insure is the partner of choice for insurance entrepreneurs. We continually sharpen our ability to help you realise wealth, build a legacy and even, change the game.

  • The Compass Insure platform is robust, powerful & efficient. You can expect a performance driven culture and systems & service levels designed to realise value.
  • We enjoy innovation. Compass Insure is a leader in enabling technology-led companies to create smart insurance solutions. We also enable our partners to digitally amplify traditional insurance models to create step-function advances in existing insurance processes.
  • We embrace diversity in perspective and people, injecting a new energy into the sector and allowing opportunity to burgeon.
  • Our partners enjoy: access to capital, access to secure capacity on a long-term basis and controls that protect the integrity of the insurance promise.
  • Compass Insure thrives on being in fruitful partnerships. We know that each partner in our eco-system delivers a better insurance product to the policyholder.