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The Magic and Mystery… of Collaboration between Insurers and Insuretechs

This time around, we explore the collaborative relationship between traditional insurers and Insuretechs in a Q&A with MD of Compass Insure, Paul Carragher. As an insurer that has played in the InsureTech space for a few years now, we wondered what his view was of the recent CapGemini article (referenced below) which highlights collaboration between […]

A Strong Eco-System & Value Chain Differentiation – Integral to a Future Insurance Model?

In the past three years, Compass Insure has been implementing several similar strategic pillars to those outlined by global consulting firm CapGemini in a recent article, which predicts the possible future of insurance models worldwide. The analysis outlines: Six Characteristics Successful Insurers Will Share in The Future. (See infographic inserted below). As a specialist short-term […]