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Data Analytics: The Opportunity for Specialist & Commercial Insurance

Insurance is transactional. It’s a grudge purchase with plenty of pain points. As an industry, we have become much better at customer service. But deep customer relationships or client-centricity is a stretch. And now the industry is on edge. Downward pressure on premiums worldwide. Fragmentation of products and channels. Tech designed to eliminate – yes, […]

We interrupt this business…

…to bring you a message from our data-Stig. He says: “My mission in this series is to help you – the insurers, underwriting management agencies and intermediaries, understand how to benefit from the data wave. It is a happening-right-now, competitive advantage for insurance. And the people closest to the policyholder are those that have the […]

The Lifeblood of Insurance Comes Up Against the Data-Stig

We’ve recently acquired our version of The Stig at Compass Insure. A secretive, if personable, figure brought in to help us navigate the matrix of data science. Compass Insure This is a field that has shaken insurance models globally and we are told, will continue to impact our business in myriad ways. Yet for many […]